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The Philips AVENT range of soothers and teethers help to soothe and comfort your baby. They are designed to suit your baby's age and stage and are made to the highest safety standards, so you can feel at ease knowing that your baby is comforted and happy.

Philips AVENT pacifiers are available in sizes ranging from
0 to 18 months.

Always check your baby is using the right size for their age.

0-6 months

6-18 months


Stylish design, crystal clear look.

Translucent 0 6 thumb

Translucent 6 18 thumb


Bright, colorful designs.

Fashion 0 6 thumb

Fashion 6 18 thumb

Night Time

With unique glow in the dark handle.

Nighttime 0 6 thumb

Nighttime 6 18 thumb


Colorful and fun animal designs.

Animal 0 6 thumb

Animal 6 18 thumb


Six holes in the curved shield for greater comfort for your baby.

Freeflow 0 6 thumb

Freeflow 6 18 thumb

Contemporary Freeflow

With freeflow shields and modern contemporary designs.

CFreeflow 0 6 thumb

CFreeflow 6 18 thumb

Advanced Orthodontic Pacifiers



Advanced orthodontic

Designed to help healthy oral development.

Advance Orthodontic 0 6 thumb

Advance Orthodontic 6 18 thumb